How do I install the Allegheny antivirus software?
The antivirus solution that Allegheny requires is Trendmicro Officescan. The installation file is available for download as an attachment below. Watch for a browser alert bar with additional instructions. The Mac (Apple) operating system does not require the Trendmicro antivirus software.

Additional information is available on the Computing Service help site - Computing Services Help site

*Note:Before running the installation you must first uninstall all current antivirus products, ie:, AVG, McAfee, Norton, Pcillin, Symantec, Titanium, Trendmicro (non-Allegheny), etc., including any other type of antivirus software before running the installation. Use the control panel>programs>uninstall to remove these programs before installing the Allegheny Trendmicro antivirus software. The Trendmicro antivirus software must be installed on all computers with a Windows operating system. Mac (Apple) operating systems do not require the Trendmicro antivirus software.

You can return to the trendmicro antivirus install at any time using the link on the Computing Services site -

trend_installer.msi   (117 MB)